Is It Time Already? Saying Goodbye to Your Car and Hello to a New One – Nicholasville, KY

Goodbyes are the worst, aren’t they? I’ve had to say my fair share of them lately, and even when you want to just hang on… it’s time to let go. This is especially true of your old and trusty companion: Your car! I mean, really, think about all the good times you’ve had! What’s a little oil leak? Or a… cracked head gasket? Okay, that’s maybe a dealbreaker, there. It’s time to say farewell, my old and leaky friend! Here’s how the sympathetic folks at Glenn Nissan South (formerly known as Nicholasville Nissan) suggest you go about saying goodbye to your car:

Spend a Day With Your Car

Before you decide to sell that beast, spend a day washing, cleaning and detailing it. Give it a spa day to make things special.. Your car has treated you well up to now, so it’s only fair to return the favor, right? The bonus is that this gets your car ready to show off when potential buyers come to look at it. They won’t try to haggle you down when they see the shine on that beauty!

Make Sure All the Paperwork Is In Order

Go through the glovebox, your toolbox and filing cabinets. Find every mechanic’s receipt, instructions for aftermarket doo-dads, the registration and pink slip, if you have it. Try to organize it all in one folder to show buyers so you have a good record of all the work done before you go off to buy a new Nissan in Nicholasville.

Take One Final Drive

Take an evening drive out in your old car, listen to the radio, reminisce about the good times and try not to choke on that too-rich exhaust and ignore the squeaky brakes. Actually, you know what? That broken heater’s really annoying. Forget it, take that bucket home and park it on the street for the buyer to look at tomorrow. You need the space in your garage for everything that the 2015 Nissan Juke features!


See, that wasn’t so bad! The wise people at Glenn Nissan South know that all that time you spent mooning over how much you’ll miss the old car will be better spent in a new ride or, perhaps, something from their array extensive pre-owned Nissans near Lexington! It’ll be 100% guaranteed not to have a cracked head gasket, exhaust leak or broken heater! Now, that’s a worthwhile trade-up!