The 2015 Nissan Altima Will Get You There In No Time and In Style: 3 Lexington Staycation Ideas – Nicholasville, KY

I’ve been to a few places, both within the States and abroad, but I really hate to travel. It’s expensive, plane rides are cramped and uncomfortable, and jet lag is the worst.  This year, I’m doing the whole ‘financial austerity’ thing (okay, I’m broke…) so I’m opting out of a vacation and instead I’m taking a ‘staycation.’ The great thing about a staycation, besides no airfare, is it really gives you a chance to spend more time exploring where you live. I guarantee that, if you try it, you come away with a new appreciation for how many really wonderful things there are to do in Kentucky! Part of me scaling back my spending this year is a result of the fact that I splurged a little on a new 2015 Nissan Altima (my old car died, don’t judge!) and it worked out perfectly. My Nissan Altima gets great gas mileage, so I got to go check out these locations around the Nicholasville/Lexington area before deciding which one to stay at for the weekend! If you haven’t been to any of these spots, I think you’ll find they’re the perfect places to go spend a few days relaxing and unwinding – even while you’re close to home! Check out my picks for Lexington staycation ideas:

Hilton Lexington/Downtown

I had to check out the Hilton because of the name alone. Not only does it look impressive, it’s also extremely family-friendly. With amenities that include children’s activities, movie rentals and a kids menu for room service, all the bases are covered. There’s an indoor pool and a fitness room, and it’s located right in the heart of downtown Lexington. The Hilton is the poshest, yet affordable, staycation I’ve seen yet!

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Okay, kick it down a notch in hotels (the Marriott is the closest to this destination) but kick it up in fun! A trip to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail gets you a visit to nine different distilleries, all within 35 miles of Lexington. It will probably take about three days to fill the whole itinerary, which has shopping, dining and, of course, bourbon. It’s three days of learning and enjoying this rich piece of Kentucky history… what’s not to love?

The Corner House Bed and Breakfast

If you want something a bit more low-key and relaxing, this adorable bed and breakfast is just the ticket. “The Main House is 101 years old and is decorated with Victorian antiques. The six additional houses are rented by the day and each have two bedrooms and one 1/2 baths.” It’s kid-friendly, pet-friendly and people-friendly to boot! The reviews all talk about what a warm and inviting atmosphere it has so, if you’re into leisurely conversations and a whole lot of relaxing, this is the place for you.

Thanks to Nicholasville Nissan my new 2015 Nissan Altima was in tip-top shape and made it back and forth to all these destinations no problem so I could make my choice!  I’ve convinced my hubby that the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is the best one to try out this year though, with all the great restaurants around, there goes any hope I had of sticking to a budget!