5 Car Maintenance Tasks That Should Be a Part of Your Routine – Nicholasville, KY


Here at Nicholasville Nissan we love how dependable our Nissan cars are – especially the Altima, Juke, Rogue,  and Versa, but we know that part of keeping them dependable counts on us being on top of the everyday preventative maintenance.  We like to call these weekly check ups our ‘must-do’ maintenance regime, because we must-do them to keep our Nissan running smoothly for a very long time! While there’s a ton of everyday things you should always be checking, we’ve narrowed it down to the five that we consider the most important:

Check your fluids
Your engine has plenty of fluids that help keep your Nissan running smoothly and trouble free. Oil, anti-freeze, and transmission fluid, just to name a few…make sure you become accustomed to checking the levels every so often so you don’t run into bigger trouble down the road

Inspect your timing and serpentine belts
This is one of the easiest ones, it just calls for you to take a quick look. If neither of these belts looks worn, or torn, you’re good to go.  If you see substantial wear, or a tear starting, you need to get your Nissan to the mechanic right away.  It’s better to prevent the belt from breaking while you’re on the road. That could lead to a lot more dangerous, and expensive, engine troubles!

Check your battery
Newer cars don’t really require this step, but it’s a good idea to get familiar with where you battery sits, and to make sure its not leaking anywhere.  If it is, you need to get it replaced soon.

Replace your engine air filter
This is another important, and easy one. Regularly check your air filter, and if it looks dust and dirty, go ahead and get a new one at the auto parts store and replace it.  Think of the filter like your Nissan’s lungs; the clearer they are, the better the car drives.

Change your spark plugs
This one will require a bit more work on your part, but it will be worth it. Check to make sure the spark plugs are gapped correctly and aren’t choking on  bunch of dirt and grime. When your spark plugs are clean, your engine runs more efficiently – bottom line!

We at Nicholasville Nissan know you love your Nissan, and we love it too! We hope these short tips will keep you driving it for years to come!