3 Simple Tips That Help Save Gas – Nicholasville, KY

Save At The TankYou did it! You got through the holidays – the gift giving, meals, and family reunions, and now it’s the New Year! This usually means a tightening of the belt and starting a new budget to recoup some of that money you dished out.  At Nicholasville Nissan, we get it and we’re in the same boat as you are, especially with tax time around the corner.  Look, it doesn’t matter of you’re from Lexington-Fayette, Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg, or Winchester, saving money is on your mind.  One of the ways we can show you how to do this is through your gas tank! You need to get to work, school, Dr. appointments…you name it. Gas is one of the necessities. Whether you’re in a Nissan Altima, Nissan Sentra, or even a Versa, these easy tips and tricks will help stretch your MPG, and your budget!

Keep your tires inflated.
No joke, underinflated tires make your car work harder, sucking up more gas as you drive. Check your PSI regularly to make sure you’re running at the correct tire pressure and boost your gas mileage by 3%!

Check your air filter.
The air filter is what helps your car ‘breathe.’ A clogged one can make your car run rough and use more gas than it needs to.  By spending a couple of dollars on a new filter, you can improve your MPG by 10%! Wow!

Drive safely.
Look, we know you do, but we also know that sometimes you may be in a hurry.  This leads to maybe you being a bit more aggressive with the gas pedal…but ease up! On the highway, this can lower your MPG by 33%!!

We think these are some of the easiest hacks to save gas in your Nissan, no matter the make, year, or model.  From Somerset, Campbellsville, Jeffersontown, or Madison, these tips will help you make the most of your budget! If you think it’s time for a more fuel efficient Nissan, stop by and see us at Nicholasville Nissan today and let us help you find the right car to fit for your needs!